Special circumstances characterize
life under the eco-dictatorship










Chilling reckoning with
the ecological present

Black-humoured warnings
about things
to be expected soon

Adapted from the German Science-Fiction Award
winning novel
by Dirk C. Fleck

A 2040 gene-food conspiracy falls asunder revealing secret turn-of-the century roots.
Clandestine 6 Billion EURO NATO deal to boost ailing Russian SCP SingleCell Plasma food industry





Science Fantasy Thriller

Global interest movie for TV,
for the big screen and for art house audiences
in Europe and Overseas

         We would like to win YOU
 as co-producer



Cording, popular presenter of the successful interactive television show GLOBAL OBSERVER in 2022, comments on environmental conditions in a radical context. During his 100th transmission Cording announced Twelve Basic Rules that would justify a fictional eco-dictatorship as the only means to avert the impending ecocide.

That same evening, an attractive woman meets him backstage. Iris claims to be scientists of GENius Holding where a gigantic Single Cell Protein SCP plasma
Food Project with negative side-effects on human health is planned. .

Cording is kidnapped, tortured to receive information that was allegedly handed over to him by a GENius whistleblower. Cording knows nothing of it. The truth drug injected by a masked man wearing a snake ring doesn’t yields the desired effect. Cording slips into a coma, comes to in the bleak future of 2055.

Cording finds himself in a City Camp where chaos prevails, where lunatics mingle with ecocriminals to be left to themselves. He escapes. Living conditions outside have deteriorated dramatically during the reign of the eco-dictatorship. Environment and climate have collapsed. Europe is ruled ruthlessly by old men forming the EcoCouncil.  

 The last Supper/according to Leonardo da Vinci

Their government is rough in following the Ten Constitutional Laws
People under 20 make up of 10% of the population, egocentric hedonists identifying with the government. Denunzation is rampant. It is always about energy privileges. The old, mostly 90 and older, ardent capitalists emotionally rooted in the past, reliable buyers who keep the ecological economy going.

The drug "Eternal Life" and tasty plasma food products are distributed by the government to selected elites. The soils are poisoned, clean food is a rare commodity. Everywhere subsistence economy, compulsery eco-services for all,

Chip manipulated merciless GreenHelmets enforce 12 institutional laws
under the mantra "EARTH FIRST - THEN PEOPLE!" to save the remaining resources from human greed. Chipped and computer controlled, addicted to Sexrobots, the population appears apathetic and suffers from epidemics.

In the virtual "Hall of Martyrs” Cording encounters information about a suspected double murder in 2022. The victim, a television presenter who had announced twelve compulsory rules of ecological behavior and then vanished without a trace. Simultaneously, his informant also disappeared. Cording recognizes itself.

Arrested for a minor eco-offence, Cording serves an indefinite time of slavery in the dangerous plastic recovery unit of a chemical waste depot.
An attractive professional lady, the editor Iris from the XENIA team, visits the camp. Spellbound by Cordings innocence, in an unobserved moment she slips
him a Power Card for freedom.

Cording falls in love with this beautiful image of the virtual XENIA.
The ubiquitous electronic pop icon of the eco-dictatorship flickers over all screens in the country. Messages of the "beautiful tormentoress" are strict announcements of th EcoCouncil, food advertising, poetry and ecology for the people, lots of common sense.

The flight through an apocalyptic landscape. When he poaches in the datanet, Cording becomes aware of a NATO Single Cell Protein Deal worth 6 billion Euros. Hunted down by Heiland who controls the Web, enemy, lover of Iris/ XENIA, villain and Security Chief. The hero stumbles over  t h e  crime of government. While the dictator’s henchmen circle in on Cording, he daydreams completely under the spell of XENIA. Hit by a GreenHelmets poison arrow, Cording is transported back to the here and now.

After short recovery Cording appears in his television show to declare his earlier eco-commandements as null and void. Iris arrives too late with incriminating GENius information. Cording makes her a marriage proposal in a posh café.
They are paying the GENius Inc. executive floor a vehement visit.


















































































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