Special circumstances characterize life under the eco-dictatorship


Plants and Animals
are protected. Crime against plants and animals are severely punished.
The term "weed" is erased from the vocabulary. Humans must not be in the way of natural growth. With increasing proliferation a different aesthetic has developed. What used to be "overgrown",
is now celebrated as a triumph of nature. Cities vie for the most luxuriant vegetation.

Poetry is an important element in the street scene. On sun-powered XENIA-panels installed
by the thousands in the countryside run by the Ministry of Information, messages are displayed,
rules of conduct, weather reports, as well as romantic poetry expressing a strong affinity with nature. .

Propaganda serves as ecological re-education, the only communication between the state and the people. Essential ingredients thereof are individualized XENIA-lessons.

Travels are restricted. The only trains still running are "workers trains" of the Ecological Labor Force. Traffic as known in the olden days no longer exists. Air travel is reserved solely for important dignitaries.

Restauration has top priority in GO!-States. Traces of the industrial society are repaid with focus on the "liberation" of rivers from their beds and the greening of the former road network.

Eco Tribunal Show trials taking place at different locations once a week are live streamed to every household. The state presents the "ideologists of destruction" held responsible for the sins of the past: Politicians, business leaders, scientists, journalists, advertisers. In the film a sales promoter is put
on trail who invented the catchphrase for the butchers' guild: "If it were fresher, it would make MUH..." Show trials are public and always end with a death sentence.


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