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Protected Business Idea

              Utility Patent Nr. 20 2004 010 829.1


To preserve the national heritage,
the castle gardens
particularly during wintertimes,
sculptures are secured
by protective enclosure.

Pressefotos Gaby Köster, PNN

PhotoSculptures = Visualization
of inside hidden sculptures
during winter times
by means of first-class photographic
reproductions or integrated video screens
on exterior walls of the enclosures.

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An asset to the gardens.

The sculptures on the main avenue,
others distributed throughout the Baroque garden,
become transparent for visitors
on otherwise gray winter days and nights.
A modern pleasure!
Attractiv, affordable, popular.

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constituting an intelligent promise of success:
We are happy to support
your entrepreneurial ambitions
by offering adequate cooperation in PR + innovative marketing measures.

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PhotoSculptures to be seen on the outside
of the encasements
 convey to the wintery viewer
must remain hidden from November to April
for climatic
Foreign delegations get to know details in their native languages.
Solar powered lighting effects, interactivities.

PhotoSculptures on foil or video screen.

Thanks to its interactivity, castle garden visitors
access the photosculpture via touch screen in several languages.
Moreover, lighting installations, subtle placarding
of sponsorship and additional information can be used
to stimulate the cultural impact and to thus crucially contribute to the financing of the novelty.



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